DarkIsle Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your ideas for stories from?

Anywhere and everywhere. I got my inspiration for DarkIsle from the dragon in Irvine Beach Park. It was created by artist Roy Fitzsimmons in the 80s and I’ve always loved it. My family used to go down to Irvine Beach a lot when I was growing up, so it was lovely to discover the dragon on the hill overlooking the beach.

 Is DarkIsle your first book?

It’s the first children’s novel I’ve written and the first novel to be published. I’ve written four adult books, which have never been published, but I plan to go back to them and rewrite them in the hope that some day they will be published.

Will there be any more books like DarkIsle?

Lots, hopefully. I’m bursting with ideas about stories about Marnoch Mor and the characters that live there.  I’ve also got some mad thoughts mulling around my head for other stories that are not set in that mythical town.

 How did you get the idea to make the main characters a girl, a rat, a dodo and a dragon?

It was a mad burst of inspiration! Only joking. I wanted to make one of the main characters a girl because when I was growing up, all the heroes of stories were boys and I felt us girls should get a turn. I’ve always loved dragons – good or bad – and one of my favourite book of short stories was The Last Dragon, it was different tales about…you guessed it…dragons! Regarding the rat and the dodo, well I have a fondness for rats which are extremely clever creatures in real life (although Aldiss isn’t that clever!) and the dodo was put in because I wanted a character that was unusual. He’s a bit of an uppity old bird is Bertie, but very loveable.

 Why did you set the story on an island?

I think islands can be pretty mysterious places and I wanted a setting that humans wouldn’t know about, so it had to be hidden. I’ve always loved the idea of secret places, so an island that was cloaked in magic was the natural place to put all my baddies. Murst is a pretty bleak place and you’ll learn more about it in my next book.

 What’s your favourite bit of the book?

I love the part when Morag meets Bertie and Aldiss for the first time. I was laughing to myself when I wrote it. I love the fact that the dodo and the rat try to make her think she’s dreaming when she’s not, but Morag isn’t taken in. I also like the bit where they go on the Underground. I had great fun writing it.

 How long did it take you to write DarkIsle?

I started with the idea about 15 years ago, but didn’t actually get down to writing it until the middle of 2006. It took me around six months to get it to a stage where I was happy with it. Then it was another four or five months of ‘polishing’ before both myself and my editor finally agreed that it was ready for printing.



  1. Hi Dawn , I love darkisle I’ve got both of the books , in primary I even got one signed by you because I was taught by one of your friends mrs spiers and she took our books and got them signed by you 🙂 … I was just wondering would there be a darkisle 3 coming soon ?? Xxxxx


    • Hi Sarah
      Yes Mrs Spiers is a friend of mine. Glad you enjoyed the books!! Yes there’s a third one coming out in October-time. Hope you enjoy that one too!!!
      Nice to hear from you!
      Dawn x


    • Hi Sarah. That’s really nice. Hope you enjoy the next one.
      Dawn x


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