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August 2, 2016
Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle

Hello. How are you? Thanks for being patient and waiting for me to return to this blog. I’m not sure what I want to write because everything is so…I can’t exactly explain it, but nothing feels right at the moment. Ian’s death has left us reeling. I can’t concentrate properly so haven’t been doing any writing and I miss him so much.

His death has left a huge hole in our lives, but he was adamant: he wanted us to be happy and to go on and live good and happy lives. So, I’m trying to get back to some sort of normality by coming back to this blog. Hopefully it will go back to being a happy place where I can share…well…happy stuff.

Anyway, what’s been happening over the last few weeks is this. After Ian’s funeral (which went really well and thank you again to the Argyll Roadrunners (Ian’s scooter club) for riding out for him and for the many many people who braved the dreadful weather to come), I took the kids up to a lovely old farmhouse near Crieff for a week’s rest and relaxation.

We did a few things up there…

Another part of Stirling Castle.

Another part of Stirling Castle.

We painted pottery – I did a mug, the boy painted a porcelain shark complete with blood dripping off its teeth and a black eyepatch because it’s a pirate shark, and the girl painted a lovely little fox.

Gargoyles at Stirling Castle.

Gargoyles at Stirling Castle.

We visited Stirling Castle. Unfortunately, the boy has the attention span of a gnat so (as usual) rushed us all round the castle. Still enjoyed it though. My grandfather had been a regular in the Argyll & Southern Highlanders and was stationed there so I always feel the family connection when we visit.

Tapestries at Stirling Castle.

Tapestries at Stirling Castle.


DSC_0677 (2)My parents came up and took us out for lunch, which was really nice. They have been fantastic over the last year – thanks mum and dad. Then my step-kids came up and stayed overnight and we ate and drank wine and talked about their dad. It was good cos we were able to reminisce about Ian and some of the daft things he said or did (he was mischievous and loved a good joke).

Décor in the castle.

Décor in the castle.

DSC_0675 (2)

The other thing we did was go to a local animal park. My girl, who is a pre-teen but already showing signs of being a teenager, didn’t want to go and was all huffy in the car about it. However, she and the boy enjoyed it. They got to hold chicks and see lots of different animals.

DSC_0725 (2) DSC_0720 (2) DSC_0704 (2) DSC_0699 (2)

Some of the animals we saw.

Some of the animals we saw.

We’ve also been to two birthdays at the tail end of last month. My nephew turned five and my dad celebrated his 70th – happy birthday to you both. It was difficult being at family occasions without Ian, but we still went anyway. Oh and my father-in-law also turned 88 so me and the kids popped into see him with a pressie.

Actually when I look at it we’ve been really busy over the past three-and-a-half weeks since Ian died. I think keeping busy has helped. I find it keeps my mind off things. Can’t believe it’s only been three-and-a-half weeks, it somehow feels an awful lot longer. The dog and the kids have been keeping me going. Millie is now almost fully grown and is a right wee character. She sleeps on top of my bed and is a heavy breather, but I don’t mind. She’s also very affectionate especially first thing in the morning. She wakes me by draping her head over my neck and licking my ear. I wouldn’t mind, but she likes to do it at 5.30am!! Thank goodness I am able to go back to sleep and get up later.

Anyway on that note, I’m going to finish this here and I’ll see you again soon. Til next time.

Dawn xxx


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