A washing mountain and treasure hunting

November 7, 2015

This will be a quick post this week as I have got a busy afternoon ahead of me. So how are you all? Hope you’re doing fine! This week has been a week of working working working peppered with hubby’s family visiting over three different days. It was nice to see them all. The only thing is, a result of trying to keep the house tidy when they were here (ie keeping the dirty washing in the basket and not sorted and piled up on the kitchen floor) – and the kids not bringing their dirty washing down last week (so there’s loads of it) – I am way behind with my washing. Subsequently, I have a mountain of dirty washing piling up in the kitchen and drying clothes lying on drying racks all over the place. Sigh. Not to worry!! !! One day we will have the money to build an extension with a dedicated laundry room. It’s sad I’ve gotten to an age when that’s an exciting prospect! When did I become so boring??

Anyway, I did manage to squeeze a wee cuppa and custard tart (at Riverhill in Helensburgh) in with my friend Jane. Then we toured the charity shops. I got three quality woollen blankets for £12 for the three, two pairs of trousers at £4, a brand new Trivial Pursuit Star Wars game for £4 and some books for the kids at £2 each. Bargains!! I love it. It’s like treasure hunting. Jane got some books for herself and belts for her lovely daughter.


Right, I said this would be a short post and it is. Got to go. Til next time!!

Dawn xxx


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