Carrots…and I found my trousers!

September 26, 2015



So hubby and I dug up the four carrots that we’d successfully grown in pots in the garden.  I did plant more but only four made it. I am still really pleased and one of them was a whopper.  It’s amazing how such a little thing as growing four carrots makes you feel so happy.


PS found the trousers. ..yippee!

PPS turned the carrots into soup which I promptly poured all down my left leg…boiling hot! Basically I decided to blend the lovely lentil soup in the blender, but the bottom hadn’t been screwed on properly and the whole bottom fell out (complete with a blender’s worth of boiling soup). It went all over the kitchen worktop, all over the floor, down my left leg and over my slippers. I put the blender jug down and stripped off my jeans. I put a cloth with cool water over the burnt area (basically the whole front thigh). Luckily I’d invested in burn gel so I used that. My thigh is fine. It’s a teensy bit red, but thanks to the burn gel there is no blistering and no damage. Marvellous stuff that! Thanks to hubby for helping me to clean up!


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