A squirrel tried to break into my house

July 11, 2015

squirrel 2

So I was in the living room watching the tv yesterday when the strangest thing happened – there was a bang on the patio door. Now normally if there is a bang it’s a stray ball bashing off the glass (thanks kids) or a daft bird (usually a collared dove) flying into the glass, but it wasn’t this time. I glanced down to see a grey paw on the glass door near the bottom of the frame. It slowly slid down – all it needed was the comedy squeal of a ‘walk into the glass door and slide down’ sketch – and disappeared. I got up and peered down to see a puffed out, dazed grey squirrel lying down there on the top step of the concrete stairs that lead down from the patio doors into the garden. It saw me, it’s eyes widened in fright, it scrabbled to its feet and bolted. The last I saw was a soft furry grey tail disappearing into the foliage of the garden.


Dawn xxx


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