Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

November 24, 2014

I think we should all celebrate our unique talents!! One of my many and varied talents and probably the one that people know me for the most (and no, it’s not writing) is the unique way I am so clumsy!!

I am clumsy and knock things over without any effort whatsoever. I am the Gold medallist at it. I reign supreme. I am the Queen of clumsy.  I have broken many things (plates, glasses, an uplight, bottles etc), bashed my husband (by mistake) hundreds of times, tripped on flagstones, bashed myself off tables and walked into lamp-posts. Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton could have had me as their side-kick!

Over the years, I have come to the difficult conclusion that I will never be light of foot, elegant and lady-like. I am quite the opposite and I accept that in myself (despite always wanting to be as elegant as a ballet dancer!). If there was an Oscar for Best Clumsy Person…it would be me. I do, however, do well in a swimming pool…I am much more sleek there. Does that make me a bit like a penguin? Bad on land and great in the water? Who knows!

So what’s your unique talent? Come and share it!


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