Darling Buds, a gumsy smile and the pigs enjoying their new ‘sty’

July 7, 2014

darling buds of mayDon’t you just love it? The Darling Buds of May was one of my favourite tv programmes back in the day and I don’t know why, but a few weeks ago I was suddenly reminded of the series. I think there may have been a few episodes running on one of the Sky channels. Anyway, I ordered the box set, saw the book and ordered that too. The books by H E Bates are just lovely and gentle and funny. The tv series is just as good as I remember it. Ah…perfick!

Anyway, how have you been? I’ve been basically watching an empty house all week as my kids have enjoyed the good weather and been out playing all week. They are both as brown as wee berries. Very healthy. I took them to see the second How to Train Your Dragon film, which I enjoyed but it was disturbed by the boy wanting to go home halfway through…he was bored. This week they are attending summer club round at the church hall…plenty of making a mess and having fun!

Talking of the boy, momentous news this week…one of his top front teeth came out and he’s walking about all gumsy and cute!

This week we also bought the guinea pigs a new outdoor hutch. They’ve grown too big for their normal cage and I wanted to give them more space to roam about…which is a laugh because if you’ve ever owned guinea pigs you’ll know you can buy them the biggest cage in the world and they’ll still sit in one position growing fat. They are not exactly the type to exert themselves. The new hutch is two tier and it’s been funny watching them trying to get up and down the ramp. We had to alter the ramp so that it was less steep…neither Darcy nor Sam could haul their little fat bodies up the ramp as it was. It was all ‘scrabble scrabble scrabble, give up, slide back down with a disgruntled look on one’s face’!! Hee hee. They can do it now thanks to the ingenuity of hubby who sorted the ramp for them.

Anyway, enough of the pig tales! I must love you and leave you now. Til next time!

Dawn xxx


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