Dawn Nelson has left the blogosphere…temporarily

January 23, 2014

book pile

This will just be a quick post as I have lots to do. I am lucky enough to have a room that’s just for me in my house and the last few months it’s been used as a dump-everything-in-it room. Today, however, that’s going to change. I am going to gut it and finally get the study I’ve always wanted…well, it’ll be tidy at least. It won’t be the study I’ve always wanted because those can only be found in mansions and castles, but it’ll still be good. I’ve got loads of books to sift through…there are a few that I won’t read or look at again, so those are going to charity. There’s also household papers to go through and a fair bit of junk.

So, for now, I’ll say adieu!!

Dawn xxx


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