David Copperfield and the Muppets

December 4, 2012


It’s amazing how quickly time flies between posts. However, it’s not surprising as I’ve been super busy over the past few weeks: there’s been birthdays to organise (mainly the boy’s); a Mindfulness course to do;  myself and the offspring had the stomach bug that’s been going around – it was bad; been out a lot doing stuff and have not had a lot of time indoors.

However, I have found time to read David Copperfield – I’m at the bit where Mr Spenlow dies and am finding Dora just a big wet blanket. Honestly, I can’t see what David sees in her. The book’s great which puts me in the notion to re-read A Christmas Carol before Christmas. However, if I don’t get the time I might have to twist my own arm to watch the Muppets’ Christmas Carol, which is probably my favourite version of the tale. I love the Muppets, been a big fan since childhood when I, my sister and cousins insisted my grandparents call their black and white cat Gonzo and Gonzo he became, much to his disgust! Cats have such expressive faces at times! Gonzo loved chocolate, lazing in front of the fire and cat food. Gonzo did not like me, my sister and cousins, especially when we tried to dress him up in dolls’ clothes…cue a flash of black and white as the cat ran out the door to hide!


Later this week am also looking forward to watching a recording of It’s a Wonderful Life…sigh, life is good!

Ooh book news…it looks like DarkIsle 3 will be coming out next year. Will fill you in with the details once I know them myself!

Dawn xxx



  1. I have never shared this with you…..I too love the Muppets and am not ashamed to still possess several toys. Kermit was always my favourite, but I also love Animal and greatly respect Miss Piggy. Maybe I will show them to you, but my bobble head Kermit is at work


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