It’s always nice to hear from readers

April 20, 2012

Got a lovely surprise today when I looked at my comments. There was a really nice message sent from the Primary 7 Blue Reading Group from Duncan Forbes Primary School in Inverness. Just wanted to say a quick ‘hi’ to the group and their teacher!! I’ve replied to your comments and thanks for such nice messages!


Dawn xxx



  1. Hello Dawn,

    Thank you so much for your reply! The pupils were delighted. Some of them have decided to write you another message! There are quite a few but I promised i’d write them all! Here they are:

    Dear D.A.Nelson,
    We have been working on some book reports about your book ‘DarkIsle Resurrection’. We also drew pictures of things that happened in the book! When your new book is ready we are definately going to read it. I can’t wait. We are all desperate to find out what happens. From the Blue Group.

    Dear Dawn,
    Thank you for replying and telling us there will be a third book and making to the effort to write back to us. From the Blue Group.

    Dear Dawn,
    Thank you for the reply, we were all so happy to get it. We are all very excited for the third book. I loved your last two books, they were very interesting. From the Blue Group.

    Dear D.A.Nelson,
    We hope you’re getting lots of ideas for the thrid book and as soon as you release it we will buy it! From your number one fans, The Blue Group.

    Dear Dawn,
    Thank you very much for replying. We have all made reports and pictures on the DarkIsle books and we are chosing one picture and one report to send to you so you can see how much we enjoy your books. We hope you are getting along good on the third book and we can’t wait to read it. Right now we are reading a book about how to draw Manga Characters but it’s nowhere near as good as DarkIsle! We are wondering if you think you are ever going to write any other books apart from DarkIsle ones? Because if you do we would love to read them too.
    Lots of love your number one fans.

    Dear D.A.Nelson,
    Thank you very much for replying to us. I really like your books and want to read all of them. I found DarkIsle very good and I really look forward to the third one coming out. I am one of your No1 fans. From Blue group.

    Hope you are enjoying the sun!


    • Hiya!! How are you all? Thanks so much for sending me all these lovely messages! I loved reading them. Thank you for being my number one fans!!

      Love Dawn

      PS am hoping the third book will be out in time for Christmas.


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