Some colour on such a miserable day

September 10, 2011

beach huts

It’s such a rainy grey day outside (and it’s only just after 8am on a Saturday morning as I write this) that I’ve decided to fill this post with colourful pics…just to cheer us all up.

canvas colours

Plus I haven’t been doing much this week to talk about in this blog except attempt intarsia knitting thanks to a competition I won via Knitting magazine. I won a whole lot of yarn to knit a cushion. It’s a complicated intarsia pattern, but I’m enjoying the challenge and thanks to Debbie Stoller’s Stitch ‘n Bitch Superstar: Go Beyond the Basics book, I’m actually doing it! Will keep you posted!

Dawn xx




  1. Nice ‘shot’ of colour. I think we all needed it just now especially us in the forgotten north! I often think I’d like a beach hut but they are like gold dust I believe. Brilliant observation about the Tufty Club. You are quite right, I thought some of the characters looked familiar!


    • I’d love a beach hut too…you don’t get many in Scotland (too damn cold all year round!!). In fact, I don’t know of any up here, how sad. Hope you find more pics to show on your blog…they just took me right back to the 70s. Dawn x


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