I am sooooo happy!

August 18, 2011

Not only are my darling offspring back at school and nursery (and peace reigns once more in the house), but my new children’s history book is out…A Children’s History of Glasgow. You can also get in on Amazon here.

I can’t believe it’s finally out. I wrote it last year, but it’s taken a while to get to print. I love history and was really pleased to write about the city in which I was born and work. I love Glasgow and I hope this book does it justice. Anyway, before I break into song (I belong to Glasgow, dear old Glasgow toon…!), I will say cheerio til the next blog!

Dawn xx



  1. Congratulations on the publication of your new book! It looks very interesting dawn, and I hope it does really well and brings you lots of royalties! It does take ages between finishing a book and it being published doesn’t it, so it’s always a bit odd when it is finally published. Congratulations! Vanessa xxx


    • Hi Vanessa. Thanks very much. Unfortunately there are no royalties on this cos it’s a non fiction book just a one off payment, but it was fun to do! Haven’t got any copies myself yet, so am looking forward to seeing them…that’s always the best bit for me, getting the books!! Dawn xx


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