Okay I’m guilty!

August 11, 2011

I’ve been a bad blogger lately. Not taking any pics for the blog. Not writing the blog. And I don’t really have any excuses. (cue shamed face)


I think I’ve been avoiding the computer lately. I’ve been enjoying doing stuff with the kids (Culzean Castle – we took a picnic and ran round the grounds; Geilston Gardens – the gardens were taken at top speed as usual; shopping for school shoes; local parks). I’ve been enjoying making stuff (I made the kids a teepee based on Kelly Doust’s teepee in her Crafty Minx book…I made mine bigger cos they already fight over stuff, so I needed more space. I’ll put a pic on the next blog – I had to take it down earlier cos I just couldn’t get the supports to stay put, they kept slipping and instead of a stunning teepee, I had something that looked a bit wrinkly and washed up). I’ve also been attending my dad’s 65th birthday celebrations and cooing over my new wee nephew. It’s been a busy old time lately.

I have also been writing. I’m saying no more because every time I say I’m getting into it something comes up and I don’t manage it. I’m writing.

Dawn xx

ps got a wee history book about Glasgow coming out soon…will tell you more once my copies arrive!!


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