A seagull soars over Craft Scotland

June 4, 2011

Was flicking around the Craft Scotland website when I came across this exhibition (I want the seagull!).


Dawn x



  1. Dawn no matter how much you like a seagull they can never be cute or attractive. They would steal your fish supper for a start and this is never acceptable! Talking crap like this…must have too much time on my hands. Have had the week from hell but am still smiling????


    • Hiya. Tried replying to this a while ago, but the system wouldn’t let me. Tsk. You’re right about the fish supper thing. Maybe a snail would be better. It would only want to steal my salad and as I don’t eat salad all that often, there’s no danger of me losing a meal! (Now who’s talking crap??). Hope to catch up this week!!

      Dawn x


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