A walk in a grey, grey day

October 10, 2010

Today was almost nice, the weather that is. Despite the threat of rain from a very grey sky, me, hubby and the offspring put on our cosiest coats and went off for a walk. We live near Helensburgh on the banks of the River Clyde, so we’re pretty much out in the countryside. We walked along the main street and up a hill expecting to be able to walk in the woods along the back of our local golf club. However, when we got there (after much moaning by my daughter who claimed her feet weren’t working any more) we found the way barred. It was with slightly heavy hearts that we  turned about and toddled off down the hill to our swingpark where our daughter and son spent a happy 20 minutes swinging their little hearts out. Then (heart in mouth time), they both wanted to go down the fireman’s pole on the climbing frame… several times.

We headed home shortly after and arrived home to tea and scones (baked on Friday by myself for two separate groups of friends who were visiting that day). I then got on with sewing the cloak of my daughter’s Halloween costume… she wants to be a vampire. Am nearly finished. Have done the dress, just got the cloak to complete plus decorate a belt or sash for the dress.

Twas a good day.

Am just finishing off replying to emails before getting on with writing up a wee bit of DarkIsle 3… that’s if the lure of more scone doesn’t pull me away from the computer!

Dawn xx



  1. The scones were fabulous,really they were. Sorry its early and my brain hasn’t started working yet…want to say more but its not happening right now. Thanks for the other day 🙂


    • The cream cakes were fab – scoffed them the following day (was trying to eek out treats and not be a pig!).

      Dawn x


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