At last! I’m back in the blogosphere!

September 30, 2010

Hello, it’s been about two years since I has my last blog. I had a website that I think I fiddled about with too much and now it’s not working, despite my best efforts! So, until it’s fixed, I have decided to start a little blog all of my own. Lord knows what I’ll write about because my life isn’t the most exciting, but I’ll try my best to keep it interesting.

Dawn xx



  1. Well I have just finished the second book and thought it was every bit as good as the first one! I may be a bit over the recommended reading age, yep 40 is closing in fast but I still appreciate a right good read. My daughter will enjoy it in a couple of years. Now about the Birds of prey… very cool. I once held a snowy owl and loved it only Kym wasn’t too impressed but she was only a wee toddler. To all other Darkisle fans out there, DA Nelson also makes fabby cakes and a good cup of tea….xxxx


    • Thanks for the great comments. Of course, the thing that stands out for me is the word ‘cakes’!!

      Dawn xx

      PS are you really 40 soon? God that’s old! ha ha


  2. All chuffed I am the first comment!!!


  3. Great to see you blogging again! George x


    • I know! It’s been so long. Looking forward to catching up with you both in November!!

      Love Dawn x


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