I have some time to myself? What?

September 26, 2017

I am at a loss today. I actually have a bit of free time to call all my own and am sitting here wondering how that happened. I know it sounds strange, but I rarely have any free time because I’m always too busy doing housey things or something for/with the kids or visiting family or doing shopping or some other domestic thing. It’s unusual to have some ‘just me’ time. I’d like to say it’s joyously peaceful at the moment, but we have the builders in and Millie is going nuts every time they move (outside, she is inside but can see them through the patio doors). She is currently spitting feathers at them through the glass as I write. That’s why she is affectionately known in the house as Mrs Barky Pants. That is funny, but the barking can be annoying.

Mrs Barky Pants.

Anyway, I’ve decided to write my blog today and (shock horror) actually get down to some writing. That, I feel, is an excellent use of time and maybe Mrs BP will shut up for five minutes and I’ll get some peace.

So how are you? Hope you’re well and that your week has been a good one. Can’t really say we’ve done much over the past week. I bought a new cooker which is coming in a few weeks (yes my life is incredibly exciting and glamorous!). I’ve been reading Cider With Rosie by Laurie Lee which is a beautifully written memoir. I have been doing a veritable mountain of washing courtesy of the kids who I made clean their rooms last week by banning all electronic games, phones etc. Worked a treat, but meant I’ve been doing a tonne of washing now for more than a week. When I saw the pile I actually felt like crying, but I took a deep breath and just got on with it. It’s not the worst thing to have happened. Although I have to confess that I was muttering ‘wee bastards’ a lot when I was doing it. The washing pile is now down to two loads which I hope to have washed and dried today. Washed at least.

I don’t know why, but talking about washing has just reminded me I still have an episode from the new series of Outlander to watch. Yippee. I can thing of no correlation between the two, but Outlander just popped into my head. What’s that about? Hang writing, hello Jamie Fraser. Damnit…so easily distracted from writing by a big hunky Scotsman in a kilt. Be still my beating heart.

Anyway, before I go and watch it I will continue with this blog and stop being all over the place. ūüôā

Bonya continues to be doing well after her brush with cancer, thank goodness. She is a funny dog. The other two are always up early and desperate to get going. Bonya? Well she stays in bed as long as she can, snoozing and snoring, usually under my duvet because she crawls in there after I get out. I had to physically drag her out of bed this morning because she just looked through me when I shouted¬† on her to get up. It’s not easy to drag a pug out of bed…they are wee dogs, but bloody hell they are heavy and Bonya is no exception. She’s not even fat for a pug, but is actually quite slim (the vet that said it). Millie continues to try to terrorise larger dogs who look at her as if she’s come from outer space and Casper…well if he pees on my carpet one more time I may have to put a knot in it! He took ages to house train and I had him going out until, that is, the workies arrived to do the extension. Then he went back to his old tricks. For instance, this morning I put him and Millie out twice, but he ran back inside straight away both times because I stood in the way of his escape attempt (the fence isn’t what it should be at the moment because of the work being carried out, long story, so he likes to squeeze out and run (in a gleeful, devil-may-care manner) around my neighbour’s garden). He then peed on the upstairs landing. Sigh. He is definitely the naughtiest of the three.

Right on that note, I am going to finish here. I could tell you about all the boring housework stuff I’ve been doing, but I don’t want to send you to sleep. Til next time,

Dawn xx

PS small anecdote from this morning – being a bit of a rock indie chick in my day (to be truthful I like a LOT of different types of music), I was into a lot of bands¬† from the 80s and 90s (Smiths, Cure, Cult, Guns n Roses, Nirvana, Whitesnake, Alice in Chains, etc etc etc) so have been collecting ‘Best of…’ CDs of my favourites over the years. I like the nostalgia plus at lot of the bands were truly superb not like the identikit bands and singers of today. This morning, being in a¬† somewhat good ole rock mood, I put the Best of The Cult on in the car, much to my son’s disgust. If you are into rock music, you know that the only way to listen to it is LOUD so I had it blasting as I took him to school. And his response to my attempt to educate him in the finer points of 80s rock was: “Mum, turn that off, you’re embarrassing me.” Sigh.


Buses, Farming and Buffy

September 20, 2017


Hello. How’s things? Hope you’re all well. What’s been happening in your world?

This month is the tenth anniversary of the publication of my first book, the award winning Darkisle. Happy anniversary Darkisle. Still really proud to have written you and your sequels.


The last couple of weeks have been spent doing washing…

…sigh. Above is what came down when I asked/demanded the kids tidy their rooms. I only have two kids by the way.

Also took the boy to Bridgeton to see the vintage buses in an open day. It was really good. I love vintage vehicles and we had a lovely afternoon searching for Lego characters amongst the lovely buses and other vehicles. We also went for a ride on an old Corporation double decker complete with rear entrance. Loved it.



I’ve been doing a fair bit of clearing out various cupboards and the garage. Now on first name terms with the guys down at our local dump I’ve been there that often.

Was also daft enough to agree to accompany the boy’s class on a school trip to a farm in Luss. I ¬†thought it would be a good bonding thing and the school is great so wanted to do something for them. We arrived at the back of 10am to pissing rain, knee high mud and several long and cold hours outside or under canvas/in sheds learning about farming. I grew up in a farming community so was bored early on. The kids were fine for about five minutes per subject (animals, grains, biodiversity, dairy etc) and then grew antsy. We had a few in our group who could not help themselves but be naughty. I think we would all have enjoyed it more if the day was shorter and it had been better weather. I came back damp and with a sore back from standing all day. We got back about 2.30pm. I had a hot bath and knocked back a bottle of wine later. I needed it badly. Here are a couple of coo and sheep pics…

Been getting the kids into Buffy the Vampire Slayer and they love it. I used to watch it in the 90s and it’s back on the telly so here’s a gratuitous cast shot cos I still love them…

Right on that note I am off to watch another episode. Til next time!

Dawn xxxx









Lego, Goldman and a Deep Deep Trench

August 31, 2017

Forgive me readers for I have been bad. I have not written this blog for some time and the only two excuses I can give are: The Gilmore Girls and work beginning in my garden. The former because I recently bought Netflix and have been glued to the Gilmore Girls, all seven series of it and the winter special. Finally finished it last night after around two-and-a-half weeks of watching it in between mum and housework stuff. There were loads of episodes so I blame the tv company that produced it for a) making so many episodes and b) making it so compelling that I quickly became addicted. Am now feeling bereft because not only is Gilmore Girls watched all the way through, but Game of Thrones has finished for this year. Sigh. My tv watching has suddenly gotten very dull. The second excuse is because we’re getting an extension and I’ve been moving things around in the garden. I removed the old metal swingset, laid a new patio in its place (hark me laying a patio and it actually turned out) and then, with my lovely friends (you know who you are, thank you so much for your help, it was much appreciated) moved the potting shed over so that when the extension is up it doesn’t shade out the potting shed. It was a lot of heavy work, but I am so pleased I managed to do it. Been taking on a lot more things this year, things my beloved hubby would have normally done, including cutting our hedge which is a heavy, tiring job. Feeling that I can do most DIY things now (God help us!) and¬† quite proud of myself. Watch this space for more makes.

Talking of Game of Thrones. Oh. My. God. Was that not the best series EVER or what? If you don’t watch it, you are so missing out on one of the most fabulous telly experiences ever. Do you remember when it first began and no-one (except me, it felt) watched it and I was bemoaning the fact that I had no one to talk to about? Then it was repeated and¬† loads more folk started watching it and it grew from there. Can’t wait til next year and the final series.

Right, so apart from shunting things around the garden, I’ve also been doing the odd wee escapade with the kids over the summer holidays. Apart from visiting the Riverside Museum in Glasgow (which we Glaswegians will still call the Transport Museum until we die cos that’s what the old museum used to be called), we also popped into Clydebank Town Hall to see the Lego exhibition. It cost me ¬£13 to get the three of us in and, although it was quite cheap, I still don’t think it was worth the money. Don’t get me wrong, the models were great, but there wasn’t that many of them, I expected a bit more. Anyway, here are some of the models…

There was also a massive castle which for some reason I never took a picture of which is a pity because it was really good.

Anyway, I have also been reading a lot over the summer and most recently finished William Goldman’s Adventures in the Screen Trade: A Personal View of Hollywood. I love reading about writing and am currently going through a screenwriters’ books phase. Goldman is famous for a number of film scripts and books including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Marathon Man, the Princess Bride and Which Lie Did I Tell?¬† The book is well written and full of great anecdotes and musings on how Hollywood works (or worked when he wrote the book…it was published in 1982). If you’re looking for an up-to-date book on Hollywood this isn’t the book for you. Instead it talks about the golden age and how things used to work comparing it to when things changed as tv became more prominent and how studio management changed in the 70s (ie how they were managed). Goldman is bluntly honest and self deprecating throughout. He takes a very measured look at Hollywood and is often funny. He’s the type of guy I think would be a great raconteur at a dinner party. Yup, liked this book. Looking forward to reading Which Lie Did I Tell?

What else have I been doing? You won’t want to hear about the boring stuff, the futile attempts I’ve been making to keep the mud out of my house brought in on the little clippy cloppy paws of the dogs. Our pug, Bonya, had to undergo an operation last week to remove a tumour from her leg. The vet doesn’t think it’s cancerous, but we’re going to keep a wee eye on her. She’s made a great recovery and is, as I write, lying at my feet snoring at the same level of decibels as a full grown man. Delicate pugs ain’t.

Obligatory cute pic of Bonya making herself at home on my bed.


You leave your phone down and before you know it one of the kids has decorated a pic.

I have a confession. I have not been writing. Again because of the aforementioned reasons, but also cos I’m a bit stuck about how to end the book I am currently writing. I’ve also been writing up ideas for two more books which I will start writing once I have the other book’s story down. I’ve printed off the 65,000 words I have written so far to re-read in the hope that inspiration will smack me in the face and get me back to the laptop. I do have a strong hope that this will happen. I mean, look at me…I’m actually writing my blog again so that’s a good sign! Right?

Okay, I am going to end this blog here. I have three wee dogs to take out for another walk. Because the back garden is off limits and now open to the street,¬† I cannot let them run about the way I used to. Apart from the fact one of them will definitely make a break for the street (Millie), I fear one or all three of them will end up the trench that was dug for the foundations. This has already happened. It was my fault, I stupidly drank some wine and then late at night fancied surveying the back garden from the kitchen door. I opened it and before I could stop her Millie (our white Jack Chi cross) ran past me and sailed into fresh air. Luckily she didn’t hurt herself and my daughter managed to coax her into jumping (that dog has springs in her heels). The girl caught her and dragged her out much to my relief as I didn’t fancy climbing into the trench. Apart from the fact it was dark and muddy, I didn’t fancy my chances of getting back out having consumed some wine. I had visions of me getting stuck and having to suffer the humiliation of having the fire service come out to rescue me. Luckily that did not happen. The back door is now kept firmly shut and I haven’t touched a drop since! Damn you wine! Millie lost her lovely pristine appearance that night and it was a brown, mud caked dog that I put into the bath that night to shower down. Thankfully she was not injured and was quickly back to her bossy ways. ūüôā

Millie – none the worse for her impromptu flight.

Anyway, on that note, I’ll say adieu. Til next time.

Dawn xxx





Frank Quitely at Kelvingrove, Superman in Helensburgh and an Explosive Sunday

July 24, 2017

I cannot believe it is nearly August already! July has flown in. What is equally as quick is how fast the days fly in too! I don’t know how I managed to work part-time (or even full time before I had the kids) and ran the house and had time to myself for I feel as if I have no time at all. If I’m not doing housework, I am cooking. If I am not shopping for food, I am gardening. And so it goes on. The days are busy busy busy. How I squeezed work in there every week I do not know!

So, anyway, how are you? How has your week been? Ours has been good, but it started off with a bang…literally. Just after 8am last Sunday morning two explosions shook the house…and I am not joking. I thought something had hit the roof it was that loud and that powerful. I popped my head outside to see if I could see bits of the roof in the garden but there was none. The street seemed quiet so I went on Facebook to tell my woes to my friends only to find that the ones living in our area had also heard it and been frightened by it. Eventually, one – my friend Zuzka – came up the explanation…two old cranes had been taken down in¬†Greenock across the water from us. They used controlled explosions.

I am sure that all of¬†Greenock knew it was going to happen, but no one over this side of the river had been told. The Faslane Naval Base is only a¬†few miles away so you can imagine what everyone initially thought…thankfully there was no fire and smoke and no mushroom cloud and it was all explained when Zuzka shared the link to the online news feed. Phew. It was a helluva explosion though!

The following day, we met my youngest¬†sister and her two children last Monday at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. We paid in to see the Frank Quitely exhibition, he’s a Scottish comic book artist. It cost me ¬£13 for me and my two so I thought this was alright. The exhibition wasn’t huge, but I really enjoyed it. I think comic book artists are amazing. Some of the artwork they produce is¬†beautiful and Frank Quitely’s work is really stunning. Plus Superman’s cape was there too, so it was good.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

After that exhibition, we had a wee wander around the Art Gallery and Musuem itself. I’ve been going there – like most folk who grew up in and around Glasgow – since I was wee and I love it. A lot of the exhibits were there that I remember from my childhood but arranged in a different way. There’s lots to see although the kids didn’t seem that fussed on viewing art…in fact my nephew (who turned six recently…happy birthday wee man!) found some of them highly amusing. I love when small children giggle at serious stuff, it’s funny. He made us all laugh. We had lunch across the road at a small pizza type place. ** Alert ** Alert ** gripe coming up – what is it just now that all the wee pizza places are going for weird toppings on their pizza? I just want a ham and pineapple pizza. That’s it. Just that. I do not want Himalayan Goat’s Cheese with Rocket and Pink Seasalt and…pardon my French…poncy shite like that. My children do not want it either. This place was the type of small artsy caf√© that sold that kind of stuff (well, it is the west end I suppose!). We could have left, but the kids were hungry so I opted for a pizza with chorizo and some weird type of fancy cheese. It was alright. Sigh.

On Wednesday, me, the kids and one of my best friends’ teenage daughters popped down to The Tower in Helensburgh to see the latest Spiderman Homecoming¬†film.

We had brunch in Riverhill first (yum) before dropping into the wee arts centre and cinema for the film. We had a ball. It was a great day: brunch was lovely as always and the film was really quite good. This young lady has been unwell recently, but is back on the mend. I’ve known her since she was a day old. My kids think of her as their cousin and she’s like a niece to me, so we really did have a lovely time with her. We are going to fix a date for August for a wee cinema night at my house.

Thursday was pick up the new car day…I wish. Basically, someone ran into the back of my car a couple of weeks ago. The van driver’s insurance company sorted everything out and I currently am driving a beautiful gun metal grey and brand new Qashqai. It’s a stunning car with all the mod cons. I shall feel bereft when I pick up my newly fixed car (there are a couple of dents in the boot door) this week…whenever that will be. Sigh. It’s been so nice driving such a lovely car.

Right that’s about it apart from to wish my dad a happy 71st birthday this week and my father-in-law a happy 89th birthday today.

Til next time!

Dawn xxxx


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

July 10, 2017


Hello blog readers! How are you? Hope you are all well. Sorry I’ve not written for a couple of weeks. I have no excuses other than me, the kids and the dogs went off for an adventure for a week recently. Luckily the weather wasn’t too bad, in fact there were a couple of stunning days, and the midges didn’t bite too hard (a major issue when holidaying in Scotland) and we had a lovely time.

So where were we I hear you cry? We stayed in a cottage near Skipness which is near Tarbert and directly opposite the isles of Arran and Bute. The cottage itself was…well…it doesn’t have great curb appeal as you can see (we were on the lefthandside without the front porch or plastic chairs)…

…but it was nice enough inside apart from the 1970s avocado green bathroom which was a bit grotty and there was no shower. It didn’t help that they have a private water supply which is peaty (which I don’t mind but the kids did and refused to bathe in the bath). Worse still the tv and dvd player didn’t work and…GASP…there was no Wi-Fi! Well, the girl went on and on and on about that because apparently she can’t live without it…funnily enough despite experiencing days on end without Wi-Fi she is actually still alive! Anyway, we were only there for a week so she just had to deal with it!

So instead of my kids sitting in front of screens all day they…

Paddled and swam in the sea in the lovely little cove at the cottage.

Climbed rocks and collected shells.


Ran about a beach with the dogs near Cambeltown when we drove down there.


Ran about in his onesy!

We also shopped in Tarbert and picked up some books and the kids bought rock (a prerequisite for a UK holiday). We ate ice cream in Cambeltown and had lunch on a nearby beach. The dogs ran around and loved every minute of it.

My friend Jane and her daughter visited bringing lunch and we took them to Skipness Castle.

We visited the castle again two days later when my parents were up with their dog. It’s a fab 13th century castle that is free to visit and has the most spectacular views of Arran. There’s a smokehouse beside it which sells the most fantastic Cullen Skink. Also nearby is the Skipness Seafood Cabin. This was where I first tried oysters around ten years ago and loved them. Ian didn’t so much. We had drinks there and me and the kids patted their tame doe called Coco and cuddled their Jack Russell called Jim.

Even though the kids maintain the holiday was rubbish, they actually had a great time. The cottage was right on the beach. It was quiet and relaxing and it was nice to spend some time together as a family without electronics getting in the way. The dogs had a brilliant time too.

Okay, so that was the holiday. We did come home a day early due to extreme Wi-Fi moaning by the girl and my desire to get a shower…it was bliss when I finally had one!

What else has been happening? Well, I’ve told you the nice bits first. Now on to the not so nice bits. While we were away the daughter of one of my closest friends was very ill. This girl is like a niece to me and we were all very worried when we found out. Thankfully she’s on the mend. Get well soon E!

This week also saw the anniversary of the death of my¬†lovely¬†husband, Ian. I cannot believe a year has gone by already. It was extremely quick. Just want to thank¬†everyone for their messages and gifts.¬†You really didn’t have to but it was lovely. I think that’s the last of the ‘firsts’ (first birthday without him, first Christmas without him, first wedding anniversary without him etc) so hopefully the various events of the coming year won’t be quite so painful for us. Anyway, moving on…

Books I read on holiday…just managed the one: Dave Eggers’ The Circle which was great. It’s about a woman who joins a major IT company which introduces a variety of IT projects to the world. The only problem is, while these are packaged as essential and desirable inventions (eg the kid tracker), the flip side is that one commercial company is slowing working its way into controlling the world.¬† It’s beautifully written and had me gripped.

Right, that’s enough for now. I’ve just caught Casper once again eating my lovely new hall rug. There’s a full corner out of it. Time to take the wee nuisance and Millie out for a walk. Bonya, the pug, is currently at the vet’s getting spayed. I left there this morning, feeling a crumb as I kissed her goodbye. You should have seen her ‘where are¬†you going?’ face. We should get her back this afternoon. We’re all missing her already.

Til next time!

Dawn xxx


Writing lists and getting things done!

June 11, 2017

It’s amazing what writing a check list does for how much I actually achieve in a day. If I don’t write a list, a few things get done. If I do write a list, I get oh so much more done. It’s like that list has sorted out my head and my memory and makes me do all the jobs I have to do around the house, with the kids and, equally importantly, with my writing. I wrote a long list yesterday and laid out times next to the tasks and do you know what? I managed to achieve it all. Today I am steadily making my way through a new list and I’m doing stuff…such as this blog and I wrote more than 1000 words today, plus did a bit of yoga and cut the grass in the front garden. So, it’s nearly 5pm and I’m feeling mightily chuffed with myself for actually achieving a number of things today instead of sprawling out in from the telly drinking copious amounts of tea!

Yesterday, my list included ironing (regular readers will know how much I hate ironing, but I stuck it out and completed it), walking the dogs (which I do daily anyway) and taking the kids to the school Gala Day. Regarding the Gala Day, it was really good. A lot of time and effort had been put in by the PTA and it was a huge success. The theme was on cowboys and cowgirls so there were a lot of kids and adults dressed up. A local line dancing club did a demo for the crowd. The club consisted of older men and women, dressed up in cowboy-ish clothes line dancing. There was also some ‘gunslingers’ having a ‘fight’ which also consisted of older men and women dressed in cowboy-ish clothes pretending to shoot each other. There were loads of stalls (I got a lovely Toffee the Heilan Coo brooch from my friend Sharon’s…aka Sew Silly Lily…stall

and lovely honey bread biscuits from my friend Zuzka’s…aka Honeybread Cottage…stall. I have such talented friends!).

There were bouncy castles and a dog competition and throw sponges at the teachers and a saloon and tonnes of things for everyone to do. I helped out at the cactus hoopla stall and bash the rat game….both of which were a big hit with parents and kids (see the simple things really are the best). I also had a good old chat to lots of other mums I hadn’t seen in a while. It was a great afternoon (had to drag the boy away from it cos he wanted to stay longer) and well done to the organisers for creating it.

What else have I been doing? Well my neighbours must be thinking I’m doing an online business because quite a number of parcels arrived over the last few days. Do not worry, dear friends, I am not doing an online business merely buying up presents for Father’s Day and some birthdays that are coming up in July and September. I like to be organised because if I’m not it’s always a mad panic to buy stuff in time. My memory is not good, it never was, but has been much worse over this last year, so if I buy up cards and presents now at least I have them in for the correct dates of the aforementioned birthdays and Father’s Day. Okay, so after promising myself I would stop buying books, I did indulge in a little book buying spree for myself and the kids too. What can I say? I am a book addict! It’s my only vice (she says with an innocent look on her face!).

Regarding books, following last week’s confession of being totally gripped by The Dog Whisperer’s programme I went out and ordered his book (Cesar’s Way by Cesar Milan) from Amazon. I started reading it a couple of days ago and it’s fab. I am also reading Leap In: A Woman, Some Waves and the Will to Swim by Alexandra Heminsley about her bid to do wild water swimming, something I’ve always wanted to (okay so I have swam in a loch and at the seaside when I was younger and more stupid cos I didn’t have a wetsuit, but I want to go out deeper and really swim in the wild). Anyway, am enjoying reading about her trials and tribulations as she overcomes her terror of swimming in the sea.

Right, I need to go. I have some hungry weans hovering whining about being hungry and ‘when’s dinner ready?’. Apparently they are both about to fade away through lack of food. The chilli is on, but it’s not yet ready. The house smells amazing thanks to the spices and it’s sending the kids crazy…a bit like the Bisto kids of the adverts of old! Til next time.

Dawn xx


June 6, 2017

I did not pooh in the Girl’s bedroom. Nope, wasn’t me. What do you mean you saw me do it?


What a bloody awful day it is outside. It is pouring. Of course there are far worse things happening in this world – the terrible losses of life in Manchester, London and Syria etc (where there are far more atrocities, but we never seem to hear about them…what’s that about?) – but I don’t want to dwell on those in this post. It’s not that I don’t want to mark them, it’s just there are so many news stories and articles and blog posts about them all over the world that I wanted to write something to take my mind and your mind off it all.

Right, so, as I was saying, the weather is awful today. Bloody awful is how I actually put it and the mutts and I have been forced to stay in. They are not even keen to go out in the garden today, not even Millie who is our resident furry water baby. So we’re indoors and they were snoozing until I put on a recording of the Dog Whisperer. Have you seen this programme? It’s about a very well groomed Mexican gentleman called Cesar Millan (above) who teaches humans how to properly train their dogs and, well, he’s quite frankly a miracle worker. And he also has the loveliest eyes, but that’s a by the by. Anyway, it’s a hoot when I put it on because my three just love watching it and having a wee bark at the dogs too. I enjoy it because it gives me useful tips on dogs – let’s face it Millie needs to be a bit better behaved what with her not coming when she’s called – plus I go away thinking ‘no problem, I can do that’. Then I try it on the dogs and they give me a look like ‘who does she think she is?’ and refuse to perform. I think I need to get Cesar over here to sort out my three…well actually, again it’s just Millie. Casper and Bonya are very well behaved on the whole although Bonya got caught short this morning in the Girl’s room and did a big pooh. Cue: lots of screaming and shouts of ‘naughty girl’. Am I a bad mother for thinking it was all highly amusing?? AND I made her clean it up…heee hee heeee!! (whaaaat? it’s all payback for the times she’s refused to clean out HER guinea pig and for all the times she’s messed up the living room, en suite and other rooms in the house).

So. How have you been since the last blog? It’s been nearly two weeks and that’s my fault because I have been so busy cleaning out cupboards and the garage and other places that have been totally neglected over the past couple of years that the blog went out of my mind. Anyway, I’m here now. I’me generally good, although I’ve not been sleeping all that well recently. I am not sure of the reason. Millie keeps waking me at 2am to let her out (we’re working on that…I am now putting down dog matts so she has that option, but am not getting up to let her out. It sounds harsh, but isn’t. She needs to learn to sleep through the night like she used to. Also, this morning, when I opened the back door to let the dogs out to relieve themselves, guess who didn’t go? Yup, Millie. I supposed the urgent 2am need for outside wasn’t so urgent after all!). Anyway, am finding it difficult to drop off, so I need to get back to my Mindful Meditation which always sorts that out. Apart from that, the kids and I are good. The dogs are full of health except Bonya who is shedding like crazy all over the place…the amount of hair she is losing would stuff a pillow!!

Over the weekend we went up to the westend of Glasgow to meet my friend AJ and her daughters for lunch. We went to a wee pizza place on the corner of Great Western Road and Otago Street – I forget it’s name – and it was lovely. I knew the place when it was a bank and then a coffee shop and was pleasantly surprised at the change in decor which went from Starbucks (or the other one) to a little piece of Italy! The menu also surprised me. I’ve never seen such a small one…not physically but in the few thing you could buy on it. They had options for about eight different pizzas and about five puddings. You could also get wine and fizzy drinks, but that was essentially it. We all ordered. The pizzas arrived really quickly and were lovely (all crisp and delicious from their pizza oven). It was fab to see AJ who is one of my oldest friends and catch up. We had intended to walk up Great Western Road and go down Byres Road and look in the shops (they have lots of fab charity shops for treasure hunting in!), but it was pouring down, literally stoating off the ground, and we were reluctantly forced to call a halt to the afternoon.

Martha Gellhorn.


On Sunday, I made myself breakfast in bed and spent far too much time looking at Facebook before reading some more of my book, Martha Gellhorn: A Life by Caroline Moorehead. I am close to finishing this book, one chapter left, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Martha was a very well known American journalist and writer who covered a large number of stories including the Great Depression, the Spanish Civil War, the Second World War and wars in the Far East. She was also Ernest Hemingway’s second wife. She led a really interesting, exciting, often dangerous life that took her all over the world. However, she also seemed to have often been a very difficult person to be with, someone who was selfish, who went off and did her own thing no matter the cost to other people, but who was passionate about justice for others, about telling their stories and how the great event (war, depression etc) affected them and what the Governments should do about it. She was strong. She was a restless spirit. She didn’t take any crap from anyone. I’m not sure she and I would have gotten on, but I’ve greatly enjoyed reading about her. The book is really well written and goes at a good pace. I shall be sad when it’s finished, but this book will stay in my collection (as opposed to being donated to our local library as something I’ll never read again).

I’m not sure what my next read will be, but I have quite a few to choose from, which is both vexing and exciting at the same time. Vexing because it takes me ages to decide. Exciting because I love jumping into and being immersed in a new story and going places I’ve never been before.

Right, on that note, I am going to finish up here. The rain has just gone off and I am toying with the idea of getting the dogs out for a quick walk before I need to collect the boy from school.

Til next time!

Dawn xxx


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